Brownfish Short Film Festival NYC

We regret to announce there will not be a Brownfish Short Film Festival NYC 2014.

We are retooling the finances for the festival and are currently unable to put together the type of world class event the Brownfish Short Film Festival NYC has been known for the past three years.

We would like to thank all of our past sponsors for helping us pull off a great festival. We would also like to thank all the filmmakers and audiences that participated.

Please sign up for our mailing list and like us on Facebook and Twitter to keep informed about our return in the future.

Thank you all for a truly amazing three years!

bsffnyc laurels bsffnyc laurels bsffnyc laurels
Best Drama
Lucky Story
Lucky Story
Anais La Rocca, director
Best Comedy
Division Azul
Division Azul
Sergi Marti, director
Best Documentary
Inside the Mind of an Alchemist
Inside the Mind of an Alchemist
Kirk Zamieroski, director
Best Animation
Serial Taxi
Serial Taxi
Paolo Cogliati, director

Audience Choice Award
Woo Woo
Woo Woo
Nicki manchisi, director
Best Screenplay
Stuart Creque
Memento Mori
Stuart Creque, screenwriter
Best Screenplay
Kelvin Wong
Single Asian (undead) Female
Kelvin Wong, screenwriter

2013 Festival Schedule & Events

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Special Thanks to our Prize Sponsors

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Final Draft
Michael Wiese Productions

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